Your Troy email address should be the same as your WebExpress ID or Blackboard Username with added at the end your WebExpress ID or Blackboard Username
(example: ).

It is strongly recommended that (and instructors typically require) all Troy students to read their e-mail at least once per day. It is TROY's policy to use only the e-mail address to communicate with students. If you forget your WebExpress Password, a request to receive your Password will only be sent to your Troy Email Account. Getting and using your TROY e-mail is very important to a student's success!

Note: EArmyU students are not required to obtain their TROY e-mail, but it is strongly recommended that they do so. Besides, TROY e-mails can be forwarded to any e-mail a student selects.

To Find your Web Express ID/Blackboard Username:
1.) Click Here, To Find Your Web Express ID/Blackboard Username.

For example if your WebExpress ID/Blackboard Username is "jsmith" then your email address should be

Your Initial Email Password will be your birth date. Example: January 3, 1990 would be 01031990

You can chose to read your Troy email in one of several ways:
1.) Use the Troy Web Mail Page to read and send email for your Troy email account.
2.) Forward email from your Troy Email account to an email account you read regularly, such as
     Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc.
A.) Log in to your Troy Web Mail Page
B.) Click on "OPTIONS" from the menu bar on the left.
C.) Select "FORWARDING" from the Top Links Menu
D.) Input the email address you want to forward your Trojan Mail To, and if you want to keep a copy of forwarded mail in your Trojan Mailbox, select the check box, and click Start.

3.) Setup Outlook or Outlook Express to read your Troy email.

Summary of email info links:
Domain Change Information
    ( to

Explanation of email accounts.
     Faculty and Staff
     Non-Subscription based lists
     Request Mass Email Account
     Subscription based lists
     Unsubscribe from email subscription lists

Find Initial Password (Faculty and Staff Only)

Link to request new faculty/staff email

Setup email clients.
     Microsoft Outlook XP/2003 (graphical)
     Microsoft Outlook XP/2003 (text only)
     Microsoft Outlook XP/2003 (PDF)
     Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (graphical)
     Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (text only)
     Microsoft Outlook Express 6 (PDF)

Forward Your Trojan Mail To Another Email, (Yahoo, Google, etc...) (graphical setup)
Web Mail Login
Web Mail Help
Spam Information